Wife seeks carpark fun

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Wife seeks carpark fun

Hello ladies and gents im Sally a very active wife who seeks carpark fun, Me and my husband have been swinging on and off for 10 years and have met some amazing guys and couples in the past. We have used many dogging communities in our time and as those sites are not getting updated we needed to look else where and one lady who’s registered here and the site we are active on suggested we try here she was telling us she was always meeting random men for carpark encounters. What we are hoping for is to have a group of 5 maybe more men watch us whether you be around the car or jerking off in a bush that’s totally up to you, Me and the hubby? Well we will be getting pretty frisky on the back seat for you, Just imagine your favourite dogging porno, It will be like that but 100x better! We live in the Essex area but are willing to travel anywhere in the UK to get our dogging kicks. If we are what you are looking for then why don’t you give us a try, get in touch and lets arrange something today.

I remember the first time we were out dogging it just happened we had a few drinks at our local restaurant and because we were both drinking decided to walk back home we stopped on the way and found a quiet spot, little did we know it was used for dogging I simply dropped my knickers bent over and let him fuck me. The trees moved and out popped a guy wanking instead of leaving we continued and the lucky guy even got to fuck me straight after my husband shot his load up me. From then on I became this dogging wife addicted to carpark fun. I would love it if you could join us and be part of our kinky dogging adventures.

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